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Drug Rehab Arkansas

Drug addiction in the state of Arkansas is steadily on the rise, and the need for quality drug rehabilitation has never been more necessary. For the best possible results, an individual should receive help for their drug addiction as soon as it is determined to be a problem. Arkansas drug rehab programs utilize various types of treatment strategies after taking into consideration the type of drug addiction that an individual is struggling with. The Arkansas drug rehab will evaluate the types of drugs an individual has used, the person's medical history, and the length of the drug addiction to help to determine the best possible course of individualized treatment. There are many different types of Arkansas drug rehab programs, but experts in the field of drug addiction recommend the longest course of treatment that is possible to be administered in a residential setting. Short term drug rehab facilities may work for a select few with much less severe or addictions that have been treated at the earliest stages. The most important aspect of an Arkansas drug rehab in treating a drug addiction is that it must address both the physical and psychological dependency related to the substance abuse.

The first stage in most Arkansas drug rehab centers will be the detoxification process, which will help to safely manage and minimize drug withdrawal symptoms. An individual that is going through this process will experience the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, but with the support of the professionals at a quality drug rehab facility, some of the discomfort cannot be alleviated by various methods. It is only after an individual has successfully completed the detox process, that they can reap all of the benefit from the treatment portion of the Arkansas drug rehabilitation program. The other components of an Arkansas drug rehab can vary greatly depending on whether the program is inpatient or outpatient and the length of time that an individual will be receiving drug treatment. Some form of counseling, drug relapse prevention education and aftercare are usually standard in the level of care, at least in most long term residential drug treatment programs.

  • According to recent government statistics for the state of Arkansas, almost 19% of young adults that are between the age of 18-25 years old and 8% of adults that are age 26 and over have reported having an addiction to alcohol.
  • 11% if teenagers between the ages of 12-17 have reported at least one incident of binge drinking in the last month.
  • 5% of 6th grades in an Arkansas middle school have reported drinking alcohol at least once in the previous month and 4% admitted to at least one incident of binge drinking within the last 30 days.
  • Almost 35% of 10th graders and 27% of high school seniors in Arkansas reported at least one incidence of binge drinking within the last 2 weeks
  • 6% of men and 1% of women in the state of Arkansas have reported driving while intoxicated according to 2002 statistics.
  • In the year of 2004, there were over 11,000 arrests in Arkansas that were directly linked to driving while under the influence of alcohol.
  • Research suggests that drug addiction and alcohol abuse has a major impact in every single area of crime including homicides, sexual assaults, and child abuse (sexual and physical).
  • High school aged students who drank at least once in the last month are twice as likely to be suspended from school and one and half times more likely to suffer from poor self esteem. These same adolescents are up to 5 times as likely to report being arrested.
  • 5% of college students in the state of Arkansas have admitted to using cocaine in the past 30 days.
  • In the year 2004, cocaine abuse was the reason for almost 15% of the admissions to hospital emergency rooms in the state of Arkansas.
  • Over 15% of the positive urine screens for parole offenders were for cocaine use in Arkansas in the year of 2004.
  • In the same year, there was over 1300 cocaine and opium-related arrests in the state of Arkansas.
  • Arkansas high school students that used cocaine within the last month were 10 times more likely to be suspended from school or to be arrested on a drug related charge.
  • 27% of the almost 400 mothers that were tested after giving birth under the Garrett law, tested positive for the presence of cocaine in their systems.
  • 15% of high school aged students in Arkansas have reported smoking marijuana at least once in the last 30 days.
  • Almost 50% of positive urine screens for parole offenders that are over the age of 18, in the state of Alabama were for the use Marijuana.
  • Marijuana accounts for over 60% of the drug-related arrest in Arkansas for individuals under the age of 18 years old and almost 50% of the drug-related arrest for individuals over the age of 18.
  • 5% of Arkansas college students have reports using some type of amphetamines within the last month.
  • Over 3% of 10th graders and close to 5% of seniors in high school in Arkansas have reported the use of methamphetamine on at least one occasion.
  • In the year 2004, almost 30% of positive urine screens for parole offenders were for the use of meth.
  • The fraction of drug rehab treatment admissions for meth addiction is roughly three times as high in the state of Arkansas than the U.S. as a whole.
  • The number of clandestine meth lab seizures in Arkansas has decreased; this is most likely due to the new law regarding precursor chemicals.
  • Students in Arkansas who used meth in the past month were 11 times more likely to be arrested for a drug related charge in the previous month than non-users.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug addiction, you are not alone, and treatment can easily be obtained at an Arkansas drug rehab center. Contact an Alabama drug rehabilitation program today to speak with a drug rehab counselor that will to help you to determine the best possible course of individualized drug treatment.

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Arkansas Drug Information and Drug Trafficking

Arkansas drug trafficking continues to be a problem as the state watches its drug abuse rates rise. Drugs that pose the most problem in Arkansas are meth, cocaine, and marijuana. Though smuggling methods involve all forms of transportation, the largest quantities of drugs are seized on the highways via interdiction programs. Each year, tens of thousands of pounds of marijuana and hundreds of kilograms of cocaine are seized on Arkansas' interstates, particularly Interstate 40. Most large seizures involve tractor-trailers, although private vehicles account for a significant percentage of total seizures, particularly methamphetamine seizures. Significant quantities of drugs are also seized from other forms of transportation including commercial air and bus service.

Powder and crack cocaine are significant problems in Arkansas because of their relationship to street gang violence, especially in inner city areas. The movement of street gangs to non-traditional areas combined with the availability of crack throughout Arkansas has led to the drug's spread across the state and into many suburban and rural areas.

Although cocaine use has been surpassed by methamphetamine use, it is the foremost concern of law enforcement authorities considering its impact on communities in terms of violent crime, including homicides, principally by street gangs. The ready availability of cocaine and the movement of street gangs beyond traditional areas of operation have led to the spread of crack to many suburban and rural areas.

Arkansas has seen tremendous growth in the abuse of crack cocaine. This can be attributed to the drug's wide availability, inexpensive price, simplicity of conversion from powdered cocaine hydrochloride, and its addictive properties. Rates of crack cocaine abuse are high and concentrated in the black communities. Drug trafficking points for crack cocaine in Arkansas include Little Rock, Texarkana, El Dorado, Hot Springs and Dumas. Cocaine is transported into Arkansas in both powder and crack form. Powder cocaine usually arrives in multi-kilogram quantities, while crack arrives in multi-ounce or kilogram quantities.

Arkansas is not thought to have a significant heroin abuse problem. Central Arkansas heroin drug trafficking are difficult to discern, as there have been so few investigations of this type. What little tar heroin is encountered in central Arkansas appears to be imported into the state by the Mexican trafficking organizations already in existence.

Recently, a small amount (one-gram) of tar heroin originating in the Los Angeles area was seized by the DEA Little Rock District Office. This heroin had been shipped to Little Rock through a parcel service. The city of Baltimore, Maryland has been identified as a source city of gram quantities of Colombian heroin encountered in Little Rock. The heroin in this instance was also shipped to the recipient through the mail.

Methamphetamine is the primary drug of concern in Arkansas. The state is encountering locally produced methamphetamine as well as imported methamphetamine produced in Mexico. Not only does the state's rural landscape provide an ideal setting for illicit manufacturing, but the wide availability of precursor chemicals also contributes to the ease of manufacturing methamphetamine.

In less than ten years, meth has grown from a problem limited to the Southwest and Pacific regions of the United States to Arkansas' primary drug of concern. The state is encountering locally produced methamphetamine as well as drug trafficking of methamphetamine produced in Mexico.

In Arkansas, the most common club drug is MDMA (Ecstasy). Other dangerous drugs increasing in popularity and demand throughout Arkansas include LSD, OxyContin and GHB. These dangerous drugs are commonly found and continue to be the drugs of choice at �''rave�'' functions and college hangouts throughout the state, especially in the highly populated areas of Arkansas.

Drug trafficking sources in California transport LSD to the Little Rock and Fayetteville areas for redistribution. LSD is sold in several different forms including blotter paper and small vials of liquid. Shipments are also mailed through the U.S. Postal Service and commercial shipping companies.

Marijuana is in high demand and readily available throughout Arkansas. Marijuana grown in Mexico and domestically produced marijuana are both popular in the state. The rural nature of the land, the warm climate and long growing season afford cultivators the opportunity to produce domestic marijuana.

The traditional growing areas for domestically produced marijuana are in the eastern and northwestern regions of Arkansas. Domestically produced marijuana is cultivated indoors as well as outdoors. Indoor cultivation is primarily found in cities and occasionally in rural areas, comprised of fifty to two hundred plants per site.

Arkansas outdoor growing sites more commonly range from small patches of twenty to several hundred plants scattered throughout an area located near a water source. Plots are usually within a mile or two radius of each other. As air surveillance by law enforcement personnel has intensified, the outdoor sites have become smaller and more scattered.

600 North 7th Street
West Memphis, AR. 72301
10025 West Markham Street
Little Rock, AR. 72205
4323 Jefferson Avenue
Texarkana, AR. 71854
1521 Albert Street
Forrest City, AR. 72335
121 Commercial Drive
Stuttgart, AR. 72160
411 West Poplar Street
Rogers, AR. 72756
121 Sawgrass Point
Harrison, AR. 72601
114 South Pine Street
Perryville, AR. 72126
6009 CW Post Road
Jonesboro, AR. 72401
412 North Washington Avenue
El Dorado, AR. 71730
602 North Walton Boulevard
Bentonville, AR. 72712
100 Rivendell Drive
Benton, AR. 72019
4401 North Windsor Drive
Fort Smith, AR. 72904
308 Adams Street
Hamburg, AR. 71646
1104 North College
Huntsville, AR. 72740
707 North Cardinal Drive
Mountain Home, AR. 72653
300 East 20th Street
Hope, AR. 71801
7255 Meeshow Drive
Springdale, AR. 72762
638 California Street
Camden, AR. 71701
1615 Martin Luther King Boulevard
Malvern, AR. 72104
120 Meghan Lane
Judsonia, AR. 72081
116 Snowball Drive
Gassville, AR. 72635
10301 Mayo Drive
Barling, AR. 72923
319 Highway 14 South
Yellville, AR. 72687
1 Mercy Lane
Hot Springs National Park, AR. 71913
311 Morrow Street North
Mena, AR. 71953
244 Highway 65 North
Clinton, AR. 72031
790 Roberts Drive
Monticello, AR. 71655
1828 Industrial Drive Highway 79-S
Fordyce, AR. 71742
2200 Fort Roots Drive (116A)
North Little Rock, AR. 72114
105 Highway 9 North
Oxford, AR. 72565
2711 Oak Lane
Van Buren, AR. 72956
620 South Laurel
Pine Bluff, AR. 71601
1228 Jersey Street
Conway, AR. 72032
626 Chestnut Street
Lewisville, AR. 71845
19778 Boys Home Road
Morrow, AR. 72749
1808 West Main Street
Russellville, AR. 72801
4 East Cherokee Village Mall
Cherokee Village, AR. 72529
21 Bridgeway Road
Maumelle, AR. 72113
1955 Truckers Drive
Fayetteville, AR. 72704
1200 South Main Street
Searcy, AR. 72143
503 SE Lindsey Street
Hoxie, AR. 72433
602 David Street
Corning, AR. 72422
2410 Pine Street
Arkadelphia, AR. 71923
1800 Myers Street
Batesville, AR. 72503
63 North Carolina Street
Marianna, AR. 72360
609 West 3rd Street
Imboden, AR. 72434
200 North 3rd Street
Dardanelle, AR. 72834
1000 East Main Street
Lamar, AR. 72846
8 Hospital Drive
Morrilton, AR. 72110
404 South Bradley Street
Warren, AR. 71671
203 North 4th Street
Ozark, AR. 72949
1205 McLain Street
Newport, AR. 72112
2801 Medical Center Drive
Pocahontas, AR. 72455
710 South Holly Street
Siloam Springs, AR. 72761
1015 Unity Road
Crossett, AR. 71635
311 South Central Street
Clarksville, AR. 72830
209 South Lockard Street
Blytheville, AR. 72315