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Drug abuse and addiction is a serious problem in Russellville, AR. that affects of many of the citizens that reside there. Very few people that live in the state of Arkansas know where to turn for the proper form of drug rehab treatment. When an individual is struggling with a substance abuse problem, it is all that they can do to just keep up with the task feeding their drug addiction. There are no limits to the length that an individual will go to in order to get their next fix. It is not unusual for a person who is abusing drugs to commit illegal crimes in order to support their drug addiction habit. The only reasonable solution to the problem of drug abuse and drug addiction in Russellville, AR. is to seek the help of a professional Drug Rehab Center. There are many available Drug Rehab Centers in and around Russellville, although many times it is better for an individual to attend a Drug Rehab Center that is far away from the familiar setting where they were caught up in their drug addiction.

Residential drug rehab is a process that is primarily used in providing treatment in Russellville, Arkansas within a safe and drug free setting. At a quality Drug Rehab Center in Russellville, an individual that is struggling with a drug addiction can become educated about their tenuous condition and begin to learn how to become sober and remain that way. In Russellville, Arkansas, each Drug Rehab Center may be a little different, but all of them are similarly motivated; they wish to promote long term drug recovery. A Drug Rehab Center in the city of Russellville can help an addict to address the specific issues that have often been directly linked to their drug abuse problem. A quality Russellville, AR. Drug Rehab Center should meet the initial goal of enabling the individual to begin to withdraw from drugs, by completing a detoxification process, which is the first step that needs to be completed in a Drug Rehab Center.

After the withdrawal and detox has been completed, the individual in a Drug Rehab Center can proceed with all of the other components of the comprehensive Drug Rehab Center, which can include individual and group counseling and relapse prevention education. One of the main benefits of residential inpatient treatment in Russellville, Arkansas, is that it allows the individual to focus on drug free living without any distractions. The length of stay at the Russellville Drug Rehab Center can range anywhere from six weeks to six months, or sometimes longer if the treatment is addressing a long term drug addiction where relapses have taken place. According to the latest available research that is related to the treatment of drug abuse and drug addiction, a Drug Rehab Center is by far the best type of care for a long term substance abuse problem. When an individual has the 24 hour around the clock support of a team of caring professionals, their chances of success are much higher.

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  • Arkansas Facts
  • An estimated 57,000 of the marijuana users in Arkansas over an one month period were 26 or older (Annual Averages Based on 2002 and 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health).
  • In the state of Arkansas it is estimated that there will be around 12,983 DUIs, and 154 deaths due to intoxicated driving this year.
  • In Arkansas, 41% of the substance abuse treatment being received was from residential care (National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS)).
  • 1.58% of the 12th grade students in Arkansas have reported using methamphetamines the last 30 days.
  • Russellville, AR. Statistics
  • The population of Russellville is 34881 with 16,992 Males and 17,889 Females.

    The population of Russellville, Arkansas breaks down into the following age groups:

    Under Age 5: 2,344
    Age 5-9: 2,387
    Age 10-14: 2,455
    Age 15-19: 3,080
    Age 20-24: 3,094
    Age 25-34: 4,717
    Age 35-44: 5,048
    Age 45-54: 4,320
    Age 55-59: 1,663
    Age 60-64: 1,280
    Age 65-74: 2,298
    Age 75-84: 1,542
    Over 85: 653

    The Median age in Russellville, Arkansas is 33.2

    Russellville Summary
    Russellville Area - 146.24000549316 Sq. Miles
    Land - 145.82000732422 Sq. Miles
    Water - 0.43 Sq. Miles

    The population Density in Russellville is 239.21 People per Sq. Mile
    Elevation of Russellville - 354 Feet
    Timezone - Central (GMT -6)

    Russellville School Enrollment Breakdown
    Age 3 and Over enrolled in Russellville schools - 10,209
    Russellville children enrolled in Nursery or Preschool - 576
    Children in Russellville enrolled in Kindergarten - 545
    Russellville children enrolled in Elementary School - 3,982
    Russellville Highschool Enrollment - 1,825
    Russellville College Enrollment - 3,281

    Russellville Economy and Employment
    Employment Breakdown:
    16 years and over - 17,140
    Total Males in Work Force in Russellville - 9,176
    Total Females in Work Force in Russellville - 7,964

    Occupation Breakdown in Russellville:
    Management and Professional Occupation related jobs in Russellville - 4,879
    Service related jobs in Russellville - 2,516
    Sales and Office Related jobs in Russellville - 4,084
    Forestry, Farming and Fishing related jobs in Russellville - 105
    Construction and Maintenance related jobs in Russellville - 1,273
    Production and Transportation related jobs in Russellville - 3,218

    Russellville Houselhold Income Breakdown:
    Household Income-
    Less than $10,000 - 1,669
    $10,000.00 - $14,999 - 1,060
    $15,000 - $24,999 - 2,316
    $25,000 - $34,999 - 1,986
    $35,000 - $49,999 - 2,074
    $50,000 - $74,999 - 2,480
    $75,000 - $99,999 - 899
    $100,000 - $149,999 - 619
    $150,000 - $199,999 - 112
    $200,000 or more - 125
    Average Household Income in Russellville - $33,582.50
    Average Household Size in Russellville - 2.49

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Russellville, AR.
  • Back To Basics
    First Christian Church
    103 S. Boston
    Russellville, Arkansas 72801

    Meeting Times
    Thu., 8:00 PM
    Mon., 8:00 PM
    Wed., 12:00 PM
  • Bridge To Reason
    Episcopal Church
    501 So. Phoenix
    Russellville, Arkansas 72801

    Meeting Times
    Fri., 12:00 PM
  • Bridge To Reason Group
    Episcopal Church
    501 South Phoenix
    Russellville, Arkansas 72801

    Meeting Times
    Mon., 12:00 PM
  • Lake Dardanelle Group
    American Legion Hut
    215 N. Denver
    Russellville, Arkansas 72801

    Meeting Times
    Sun., 10:00 AM
    Wed., 7:00 PM
  • New Beginnings
    First Methodist Church
    301 S. Denver
    Russellville, Arkansas 72801

    Meeting Times
    Thu., 12:00 PM
    Tue., 12:00 PM
  • River Valley Group
    Wesley Methodist Church
    300 N. Cumberland
    Russellville, Arkansas 72801

    Meeting Times
    Wed., 8:00 PM
    Mon., 6:30 PM
    Sat., 8:00 PM
  • Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Russellville, AR.
  • First United Methodist Church
    3rd & Denver
    Russellville, Arkansas 72811
    Notes: Friends for Freedom Group Non-Smoking, DiscussionParticipation Open

    Meeting Times
    Thu., 5:00 PM